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Country Images is my business website where I display and sell my photographs. I am an explorer, nature lover, and photographer whose passion is capturing God's awesome beauty in the world around me. That might be an beautiful person, an awe inspiring landscape, or a rarely seen wild creature. My goal is to create beautiful photographic prints of people, landscapes, and wild creatures.

I have always photographed a wide range of subjects, and still do.  The New Images gallery is a showcase for an eclectic mix of my most recent images from each of those categories, plus a few more. The Art tab above is where you will find my most popular images. Most of these images took a considerable investment in time and effort to capture. The Image Library tab is a collection of all my images by genre. I shoot a wide range of subjects, so I have categorized my work to make it easy for you to locate a subject that interests you. The categories include wild creatures, landscapes, people, travel, animals, photojounalism, sports, event, and still life. The Info tab above is where you will find information about me and my business. The Blog tab is where I tell the stories of some of my most memorable images. The Contact Me tab is a how you can get in touch with me to get help purchasing a print, discuss licensing an image, or to simply ask a question. 

How my images are displayed is very important to me! For that reason I am very picky about my final product, the print. I offer two ways to purchase one of my images.  The first way is by contacting me directly. I will work with you customize a piece of art that fits your needs and budget. I might print the image myself or depending on the how you want to display the image I might have it produced at my lab. The second way to order is by clicking the Buy Button. This way allows you  many options and products to choose from.   All of my images have been enhanced after capture to complete the photograph. Digital capture is amazing but the image can be flat and lifeless right out of the camera. The camera is after all just a tool that captures data about a subject. It does not see the subject the same way we do. Ansel Adams said "you don't take a photograph, you make it". So, creating my images encompasses many things including my vision, planning, being in the right place at the right time, and the transformation from the raw image into the image I actually witnessed. Some of these images have very little done to them, yet others are worked on more meticulously. I now use Photoshop CC with Topaz plugins for transforming my captures into what I was seeing at the moment the shutter was released. My goal is to take the RAW camera data and create an image as close to what I visualized as possible.  My hope is that I can share a small part of the beauty our country has to offer. 

I encourage everyone to get out there and enjoy the beauty of the world around you but remember to "take nothing but pictures, leave nothing but footprints, and kill nothing but time" author unknown. 


Farm Seeder and the Milky Way
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