To Purchase My Images - countryimages
Red-shouledered Hawk Chick

How my images are displayed is very important to me! For that reason I am very picky about my final product, the print. I offer two ways to purchase one of my images. The first way is by contacting me directly. I will work with you customize a piece of art that fits your needs and budget. I might print the image myself or depending on the how you want to display the image I might have it produced at my lab. The second way to order is by clicking the "Buy" button in the galleries that have that option. This way allows you many options and products to choose from. If you find an image you would like to purchase in a gallery that does not have a "Buy" button, contact me directly.  

Contact me by email at or by phone at 254-723-7500. If you choose to contact me by phone please leave a detailed message and I will return your call shortly.

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